Meer Mubashar

About Me

I am a Professional WordPress Web Developer, who has over 4 years of experience in the world of I.T. I strive to make the best investments for my clients.

I like to learn the new trends in the market and enhance my skills conceptually as well as practically and utilize the knowledge for career growth while being productive and resourceful.

My Workflow

I always follow specific steps when I’m working on a design project. In this way I can keep everything organised and it creates moments to talk about the project with my clients. 

In the first part of the project I mostly ask questions and talk with my clients about what they want. I want to get a super clear picture of what they want and need. Only then can I deliver a product that both parties are happy with. 

After I have a rough enough understanding of the client’s needs and wants I can start designing the first part of the website.

When it’s a big project I always start with wireframing. This is the process where I design in grey, without using colours, images and styling options. Then I share this design with my client and when they agreed I continue with the visual design. This is where I will add details and make it come to live. 

Then I will start creating the pages one by one and send my client preview links along the process. This makes it easy to get feedback for me and assures my client that they get the things that they want. 

After all the pages are developed inside of WordPress I share a final preview link to my client. We will look at the result and edit any detail to make the website perfect. After a final check I will put the website live and give it the necessary optimization.

Why Hire Me?

  • 4+ YEARS of experience.
  •  Created 100+ Websites.
  • I will create your website in such a way that it REFLECTS YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS and will COMPEL THE VISITOR TO INTERACT with you.
  • It will be easy to MANAGE and UPDATE your site in the future.
  • Mobile-friendly design.

I Can Develop​

  • eCommerce Store
  • Business, Corporate
  • Blogs
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Brand, Product
  • Landing Page
  • Portfolios
  • Job Portal
  • Personal, Fashion, Food
  • Informative, Wiki/Knowledge
  • Real State
  • Non-Profit
  • Wedding
  • Online Communities
  • Photography, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing Site
  • Booking and Appointment
  • News, Magazine
  • Author, Writers, Books
  • Gym, Athlete, Sports, etc

I Help You Expand
Brand Influence